A Young Kashmiri Scientist Gives a Brilliant TEDx Talk in SwedenTalking SCIENCE
If Kashmir is ever mentioned internationally, it is usually due to political reasons. Kashmir is also mentioned internationally due to its rich cultural heritage, its brilliant handicrafts, and even its delicious cuisine. The name of Kashmir is hardly mentioned when it comes to ground breaking work on the frontiers of science and technology. However, last year Dr. Mir Faizal made global headlines due to his work on parallel universes and mini black holes. Recently, Dr. Mir Faizal has given a TEDx talk in Sweden on his work. The TEDx talks are the most prestigious talks in the world and they are given by internationally recognized experts in their fields. This is the first time in the history of TEDx talk that a Kashmiri scientist has spoken on such an interesting topic. In this talk, Dr. Mir Faizal has explained concepts like special relativity, general relativity, string theory, gravity’s rainbow, mini black holes, extra dimensions and parallel universes. He used simple pictures to explain such complicated concepts in a very simple way. He explains extra dimensions starting from the simple examples of one, two and three dimensional objects. The he goes on to explain the special relativity, general relativity, and gravity’s rainbow. He also explains the physics of black holes. Then he uses simple analogy to explain string theory, extra dimensions and parallel universes. He explains how string theory predicts the existence of extra dimensions, and how parallel universes can exist in extra dimensions. He also goes on to explain how the detection of mini black holes can be used infer the existence of parallel universes. He end his talk by explaining how gravity’s rainbow predicts that we should detect mini black hole at the energies at which the CERN is currently colliding particles.

Dr. Mir Faizal is an inspiration for young Kashmiri scientists, as he did not start his carrier from physics. He did his engineering from Kashmir in NIT Srinagar, before doing his masters in particle physics from University of Durham in UK, and PhD from the University of York also in UK. He then ended up doing two post docs from University of Durham in UK and University of Oxford in UK. He published more single author papers than anyone else in a year at the Mathematical Institute of the Oxford University. He also worked at the University of Waterloo as a Visiting Professor and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Lethbridge.

Dr. Mir Faizal has a wide range of research interests, and he is one of the few scientists in the world who work simultaneously on string theory, and other approaches to quantum gravity like loop quantum gravity. This makes his research very interesting, as he can borrow techniques from a certain field and apply it to completely different field. This is what he has done on his work on mini black holes and parallel universes. He took gravity’s rainbow, which was developed by people working on loop quantum gravity and applied it to mini black holes at CERN, some thing people from string theory discuss. This produced interesting results, but as it was using complicated models from many different fields, not many people were able to understand the detail of his work. As a matter of fact more people tend to misunderstand than properly understand what Dr. Mir Faizal and his collaborators are doing. For example, many leading newspapers of the world have related his work on real parallel universes in extra dimensions with many world interpretation of quantum mechanics, despite Dr. Mir Faizal clearly stating that his work has nothing to do with many world interpretation of quantum mechanics, and also mentioning that he does not even accept the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics. But despite this problem, his work has been internationally recognized, and he serves as an inspiration for young Kashmiri scientist.

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