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He’s just 18, with more than 30 innovations to his creditWaseem’s UNIQUE

Eighteen-year-old Waseem Ahmad Nadaf, better known among friends and folks as ‘Unique Waseem’, hogged the limelight in 2012 for designing a unique power inverter with 30 minutes charging time, and 30 hours backup. Ever since, Waseem, a resident of Narwara, Idgah, has gone ahead to make almost 32 innovations with the help of his unique scientific temper.

The most prominent among these innovations is a portable water purifier, which according to Waseem can be sold at a market price of less than Rs 200. “Keeping in view the impure water that people consume in Kashmir, I am hopeful that my product will make it to the commercial water purifier market one day. It is a simple two bottle set-up with purifiers inside which can be used by students, office-goers and even labourers to drink clean purified water,” Waseem says.
The purifier was recognized as among the top ten innovations during a contest at NIT, Hamirpur in 2014, he says. “The award I received at Hamirpur from an atomic scientist was a real pat on my back. It was very encouraging,” Waseem says.
According to him, being an innovator in Kashmir is a daunting task as innovations do not easily become commercially viable. However, Waseem has been successful to catch many eyeballs with the help of his innovations. City-based educational institute Pace Academy has come forward to help Waseem and has even promised him of providing a professional platform to his innovations.
“I am studying on a scholarship that I got with the help of Dr Shah Faesal, Director School Education at Pace Academy. I hope one day I am able to see commercial manufacturing of my innovations,” says Waseem.
There are dozens of innovative product designed by Waseem, however according to him, the water purification bottle is his most prized possession. “The water purifier removes turbidity, viruses and bacterias from tap water, river water and even lake water. The third and most important chamber in this purifier gets rid of parasites and pesticides,” says Waseem.
Waseem is keen to do his bit for the Kashmiri society. He says, “Necessity is the mother of invention. I get ideas while sleeping, while walking and even during hanging out with friends but my core focus is always to design products that can help common Kashmiris, he says.
“I have also designed a Pashmina roller which helps the artisans to windup the weaving thread more efficiently,”Waseem says. Waseem has been conferred with several awards including Ahad Zargar Memorial Award which was handed over to him by Divisional Commissioner (Kashmir) Dr Asghar Samoon. Waseem has also bagged a state–level award organized by the State Education Department. Waseem’s gratitude goes towards all the people who have been helpful to him ever since he began his innovations from the age of five.
“Winning the medal of honour from the hands of Dr Shah Faesal was a great achievement. Apart from helping individuals, the state government should focus at developing an innovation school where new explorations and innovations are provided a platform, Waseem says. For Waseem the most important feather in his hat was being featured on a television show ‘Teenovation’ telecast on Zee Q channel. Apart from his innovations, Waseem is also focusing hard on his career by preparing for competitive exams such as JK Mains and CET.
“I have offers from several universities such as JNU etc., for joining their engineering programme on scholarship basis but I am keen to crack an entrance exam on my own,” Waseem says.
For Waseem, every innovation is like a baby to him. He counts them on finger tips and names each of them with confidence. And why should he not be proud of his innovations. Sample this: Waseem has innovated a tablet converter. This is simply a portable micro mixer that helps to crush medicines before feeding them to children. “One can add flavors to the tablet while crushing it incase the baby is hesitant to eat the tablet,” says Waseem. To name other innovations, Waseem has built a solar pocket charger, solar skin for laptops, portable many-in-one hammer, heating chair etc. The most prominent has been the solar inverter which apart from providing solar-based power also has a fan attached to it. “The most challenging day for me was when I demonstrated a water purification bottle and other equipments in front of the late CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed. I was quite motivated that day,” says Waseem. Going forward, Waseem is working on 32 innovations which will be made public during next two months.
“While I am busy working on new innovations, I am also ensuring that value additions are made to my earlier innovations. The water generator-cum-inverter which I made in 2013 is being modified so that a fault in its turbine is overcome to make it more efficient,” Waseem says. Waseem’s message to the innovators of the Valley is to not let their scientific temper go waste and apart from their studies, utilise their innovations for betterment of the society.

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