Srigufwara black smith wins acclaim for his novel inventions

''Tools to lessen burden of farmers, orchardists and labourers''
Srigufwara black smith wins acclaim for his novel inventions
A black smith from South Kashmir has won laurels for his novel inventions and evoked massive attention during a National Innovation Foundation (NIF)  festival at Rashterpati Bhawan, New Delhi last month.
Rafiq Ahmad Ahangar,  40, a black smith from Adlash village of Srigufwara has developed several multi-utility tools which can reduce physical burden and save precious time of farmers, gardeners, fruit growers and carpenters.
One such innovation is multi- purpose axe. The tool basically has an axe attached to one end of a hollow handle and a nail remover at the other end.
Priced at Rs 1500,  the axe can be converted into a shovel by rotating the blade by 45 degree and can be held in either position through a cotter pin.
The hollow tube can also hold other utility accessories- linear saw blade, screw driver, chisel, knife and a filing tool of different designs and sizes.
Further, the hammer has also been provided at the back of the axe blade. The length of the handle is adjustable.
“The idea is to have an all-in-one tool for farmers , orchardists, vegetable grower as well as carpenter so that he does not need to carry an axe, hammer, screw-driver , mini-saw, chisel and knife separately. The tools inside the handle can be taken out and firmly screwed onto the axe handle,” says Ahangar.
Ahangar’s another innovation which attracted attention during the festival is named ergonomic spade.  This spade can be used for lifting and moving bulk material- soil, coal, gravel, snow, sand and ore.
Priced at Rs 1200,the tool consists of a broad blade permanently fixed to a handle with adjustable length.
“ The idea is to reduce the physical burden on the wrist when the user is involved in repeated movements of lifting and twisting of wrist to disperse the material held in the blade,” says Ahangar.
As one goes on digging the hole using the trample bar, the soil extracted gets deposited between the two blades. Later, as the blades are unbolted, the soil automatically gets firmed around the tree without one having to use his hands.
Ahangar is being supported by Grass root innovation Augmentation Network.(GIAN ) cell of JK- University of Kashmir  His above three innovations have been patented through National Innovative Foundation (NIF) and while several others stand approved for patent.
One among those is a manual tiller, which can plow around 10 marlas of land in barely an hour.
It is useful for vegetable growers and the people who cultivate vegetables in their kitchen gardens. Traditionally- during cultivation of vegetables we use trowels to first loosen the soil and later break it which is quite a cumbersome exercise
The manual tiller, however, loosens as well as breaks up the soil simultaneously thus helping in reducing the physical burden.
“ This method not only increases the growth but improves the quality of the vegetables too,” says Ahangar.
Ahnagar’s yet another innovation approved by GIAN cell and NIF is an automatic skull.
The sickle is different from the traditional one in a way that it operates using a solar battery. The sickle consists of two batteries with a small solar panel and while one of the battery in use gets charged automatically- the other can be externally charged used solar heat.
Ahangar has already received letters of appreciation during Indian science congress held in Jammu University , Jamia Milia Islamia innovation exhibition and National Institute of Technology ( NIT) Himachal Pradesh, innovation exhibition.

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