The founder of this website (Bashir Talib) had a long cherished dream of presenting and preserving innovations, inventions and potential scientific theories of Kashmiris who share a common  perception that due to unique circumstances over here, they don’t get  proper attention. To address this general grievance, the founder suggested to  some of his resourceful friends in Kashmir, that a museum cum gallery based on innovations, inventions and scientific theories of Kashmiris, needs to be established and to host this enterprise an organisation agreed to donate land also. But due to same unique circumstances the above referred friends didn’t do anything practical. With the result this web gallery was started as it needed least help from the people and was established by the vision and zest of the founder and can thrive on his dedication and sustained efforts. This endeavour cannot be regarded as a dream fulfilled but it can definitely serve as a step toward that end. Hope the   stakeholders (read innovators, scientists, social scientists, researchers, authors and poets of Kashmir) shall understand the importance of this effort and contribute as per their means.

The Kashmiri scientists and social scientists have always been inspired by Muslim scientists of medieval period and they genuinely understand and appreciate their (Muslim scientists’) contribution as underground foundation of present day scientific edifice. This is with this realisation that a section of this gallery is dedicated to Islamic science and it is planned that contribution of present day Muslim scientists, across the world, will also be summarised in this section. This is in no case a sectarian drive in the field of science but only an effort to highlight the contributions of Muslims, in the progress of human civilization.

Of late came the idea of dedicating a section of the site for the contribution of Kashmiri social scientists including some of the constructive poets and prose writers.

The website has been divided into different categories/sections as under:

Kashmiri Innovators, Scientists and Researchers

This section shall not only discuss the contribution of present day Kashmiri scientists and innovators but shall also give the personal details and contacts of these genius people. No doubt some of them are well known but others might be known to very few people and can be compared to gems covered under sand of a calm shore of turbulent sea.

Muslim Scientists and Innovators

As already mentioned in ‘About’ above, Kashmiri innovators and scientists have always been inspired by the contribution of Muslim scientists of the medieval period as father of rocket technology, Hassan-al-Ramah and Ibni Senna famous for path breaking discoveries in chemistry. This is only to mention two of them, otherwise Al Beeruni, Al Hytham, Al Razi and others are no less important and their contribution along with others in various fields of science and technology is also mentioned in this section.

Dreams Unrealised

This section contains such scientific projects, inventions and innovations which need more research and experimentation to check theoretical and practical viability. Researchers are requested to contribute to this section for future development.

Kashmiri Social Scientists

Our social scientists in the field of sociology, economics, education, geography, psychology and other areas have a valuable contribution. This is in spite of the fact that political discourse dominates our region.

Kashmiri Authors & Poets

Turbulence, conflict and uncertainty gives rise to a good literature in poetry and prose and Kashmir is no exception in this regard. This is why though Kashmir being demographically small, and  with geographical and political barriers hindering information flow, still it has produced good novelists, short story writers, essayists, journalists, cartoonists and last but not least poets. This section of the website includes some of these people and their sample contribution.

News & Views about Kashmir S&T/Innovation

News & happenings in the field of science & technology in Kashmir or by Kashmiris.

Kashmir Innovators Scientists Researchers and Poets Gallery